About Our Company

Northern Michigan Insulation Installation

Advanced Insulation Systems, Inc. serves the areas of nothern-lower Michigan and parts of the Upper Peninsula. We install and provide quality, environmentally safe and smart insulation products for homes, pole barns, commercial buildings - ALL types of shelters. We provide insulation for new construction or existing homes and buildings.

We use formaldehyde-free products, which promote a safe, comfortable, energy efficient, indoor environment. We use Fiber Glass Batt insulation, and specialize in the SPIDER Custom Insulation System, by Johns Manville. We also provide a CLOSED Cell Foam for premium insulation applications and for use in areas that are not able to be vented. Closed cell foam is impermeable to moisture and airflow.


When Quality & Service Matter to You!


We Do:

  • New construction: residential homes & commercial buildings
  • Existing Homes & buildings: wall & attic retrofits
  • Remodeling insulation
  • Insulate pole buildings
  • Insulate all types of “shelters”
  • Consultation for insulation needs and requirements
  • Infrared camera heat-loss analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Provide insulation for “Energy Star” rated homes
  • Use green, Formeldehyde Free insulation products from Johns Manville
  • Specialize in the “SPIDER” Custom Insulation System
Northern Michigan Closed Cell Foam Insulation

We Are:

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Locally owned
  • Family Operated
  • Over 36 years of construction experience
  • Reliable & Dependable

Our Goals

  • To provide thermal and sound control products and installation on a timely basis
  • To install insulation products with high standards and quality worksmanship
  • To be on the construction job site when needed
  • To use quality products that are environmentally smart
  • To leave job sites clean after insulation is complete